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The future of my previous mapping programs

When I announced that the existing mapping software on my site would be disappearing, I had quite a few “oh no, that’s terrible - is there a replacement?” responses. So the good news is that yes, there is a replacement.

The current mapping software was state of the art 5 years ago, but is now outdated (doesn’t work properly on mobile, for example) and not really worth continuing. It uses the open-source OpenLayers software, and there is a newer version of this (v3), so I’ve adapted the previous software to use it.

The new software is open source, and the source is at The idea is that rather than being something installed on someone else’s website, you can easily install it in your own webspace.

There is some documentation, but there is probably plenty of scope for improving this. The software is perfectly usable - I’ve been using it myself for quite some time - but it’s still all rather experimental and still needs more work. So if you can help with either of those, please sign into Github and submit some pull requests.

February 2016